A Life Pioneer

The EDGE Of Possibility!!

A modern fairy-tale with a technological twist!  This fully illustrated children's book warns of the dangers of Technology Overload Attention Deficit (T.O. A. D.).  A Fun Light Hearted conversation starter for all ages. 

The Terrible T.O.A.D. Takeover!

What story will you tell your grandkids when they ask what you did with your life?  Take full responsibility for your story.  Create the life you would be proud to tell others about.  

Public Speaking:

Life Pioneers:  The Edge of Possibility!

Contact us to book Tim Terrio for a speaking engagement. Life Pioneers,  Health & Wellness, Entrepreneurship, Technology Overload (TOAD)

The Healthy Family Evolution:  Mom's Strong!


A Fable of a mother looking to help her family improve their health and wellness and finding she must first help herself.  A comprehensive plan for improving your health and wellness.