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The road less traveled!

"Not everyone is meant to go to college!" was the advice I received from my high school counselor.  Just settle in and get a good job and live out your life.  Thankfully, I didn't listen to her advice and the world began to open up for me.  The world is full of possibilities for those with the courage and grit to go for it.  Dreams do come true but only when you are willing to work for them.  Its not a trip for the faint of heart.  There will be storms.  You will get blown off course but you can always reassess, reorient and recommit!

My journey so far has taken me from 'not college material' to earning four college degrees, creating a successful physical therapy business, founding two nonprofits, writing three books and receiving two patents.  But that's only part of the story.  I've also enjoyed an incredible family and coached all three of my kids in sports. Life Pioneers seek out a full life of Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health, along with Wealth and awesome Relationships.

Once you accept 100% responsibility for your life you can create the world you want.